Photography Education

For folks who take their photography seriously, but themselves, not so much.  Who want to learn in a noncompetitive environment that fosters camaraderie, creativity, and craft. For those who want to have fun.   


Stuck at home?

Me too. So lets turn this into a great opportunity to settle in and focus on our photogtraphy! 
I’ve decided to do two things…

Second. Temporaily reduce the price of my online, at home Tutoring and Image Reviews by 20% 

We can still practice social distancing while learning photography together!  Want to finally organize that catalog chaos in Lightroom? Lets do it.  Want help with those hard to grasp techniques? Lets work through them together!  Looking for feedback on your images. I’m happy to help.

1/2 hour, in depth image reviews now $50.00 per session

Personal Instruction now $100 per hour

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