“Tim Cooper is an absolutely extraordinary teacher. I say this from the perspective of a college professor and an amateur photographer for over 35 years. Good teaching involves clear, engaging presentations that make the complex both simple and memorable. Tim does that and much more. He brings in missing pieces of information and creates ah-ha moments with every topic. So, once you hear about the limited view of the human eye in the composition class or see the colors that ensure perfect zone exposures, you will have real know-how that you can use from that moment on. If you’re like me, you expect photography classes to be filled with beautiful pictures; you want the presenter to have a flawless, professional flow and a relaxed, open delivery; you hope to be inspired to shoot more and better. You will certainly get all of that in Tim’s classes. But what will surprise you is how much you will learn, how deeply your techniques will be enhanced, and how empowered you will be. And you will walk away with something more: the confidence to transform your photographic visions into reality.”

Linda L. • San Diego, CA

“I have Tim’s CD’s, heard him lecture and attended several of his workshops. He is a terrific educator. He does his homework and knows tons about photography. Tim always goes the extra mile to make certain his audience gets spot on information and answers. Best of all, Tim is a real person. One that you can get to know. Tim has a great sense of humor and tremendous concern for making certain he always delivers his clients expectations.”

Gary O.

Whats my caper?


I love photography and I love teaching. Combining these two passions is how I have spent the last 25 years of my life.

Like many people, I’ve always felt I had a creative side. Again, like many folks, that side stayed buried for way too long. Originally from New Jersey, I worked as an electrician for several years before moving to Montana to discover my love of photography. Finally, my creative outlet!

Before long I was teaching and realized that I loved teaching as much as I loved taking pictures. I found that sharing my knowledge, watching people grow, and witnessing their excitement as they exercised their creative side was truly satisfying.

While teaching, I also began a career as a commercial and assignment photographer working with clients such as The North Face, The Ritz Carlton, Vasque boots, 3M and The International Heart Institute. My editorial and commercial photographs have appeared in Travel & Leisure, New York Times Magazine, Outdoor Photographer, Fly Rod & Reel, Modern Luxury and Private Clubs as covers, advertising, art, and editorial illustration. In addition to commercial photography, I also love to educate by writing and recording.

I’m the author of the training videos Perfect Exposure for Digital Photography, Perfect Composition, Magic Light, and DSLR Camera Basics. I was the digital tech for many early Photoshop books and co-wrote three books in the series Complete Photoshop for Digital Photographers. My e-Books include The Realistic HDR image and The Magic of Light Painting. I was graciously asked by my friend Gabriel Biderman to add a couple of chapters to his Night Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots, and my latest solo book is HDR Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots.

Above all, though, I love being out in the field. Whether it’s in the mountains, deserts, along coastlines or exploring our cities, I just love being outside.  I also love Night Photography, so I run night photography workshops with my partners at National Parks at Night. The inevitable camaraderie that develops during workshops is pure pleasure. I can’t imagine a better way to spend time than enjoying the beauty of our natural world, the drama of our man-made cityscapes and sharing my love of photography.



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