Tim’s down to earth and easy to understand teaching style is finally in book form. Writing on Topics such as HDR imagery, Night Photography, Photoshop techniques, and Light painting, he brings his 25 years experience leading photo workshops to the printed page.


Are you an aspiring landscape, architecture, interior, or real estate photographer? Do you struggle with a lack of detail in the highlight or shadow areas of your scene? Then the world of high-dynamic range (HDR) photography is for you. This guide by pro photographer Tim Cooper will help you understand how to capture your subjects and process them for amazing, realistic results.

Tim Cooper and Gabriel Biderman  bring you the basics of digital night photography—exposure, composition, and light—and how to scout and capture different nocturnal locations once the sun goes down. They’ll  help you understand the fundamentals and bring your unique artistic expression to any night situation.


Whether you’re shooting wild landscapes or calm real estate interiors, pro photographer Tim Cooper will help you capture and process HDR photographs that represent the reality you see, with subtlety, depth, and staying power.

Painting with light is magical. The flashlight is your brush and the scene is your canvas. Imagination and experimentation are your workflow. Whether you’re shooting starry landscapes or urban architecture, pro photographer Tim Cooper will help you create and capture high-quality light painting images.

“Tim Cooper is an absolutely extraordinary teacher. I say this from the perspective of a college professor and an amateur photographer for over 35 years. Good teaching involves clear, engaging presentations that make the complex both simple and memorable. Tim does that and much more. He brings in missing pieces of information and creates ah-ha moments with every topic. So, once you hear about the limited view of the human eye in the composition class or see the colors that ensure perfect zone exposures, you will have real know-how that you can use from that moment on. If you’re like me, you expect photography classes to be filled with beautiful pictures; you want the presenter to have a flawless, professional flow and a relaxed, open delivery; you hope to be inspired to shoot more and better. You will certainly get all of that in Tim’s classes. But what will surprise you is how much you will learn, how deeply your techniques will be enhanced, and how empowered you will be. And you will walk away with something more: the confidence to transform your photographic visions into reality.”

Linda L. • San Diego, CA

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