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Haven’t had a chance to see Tim’s dynamic, information packed, live lectures?  No problem, his lectures are now available in industry leading training Videos. Ranging on topics from learning Lightroom and flash photography to mastering exposure and using your new DSLR, Tim presents the material in a simple, fun and straightforward manner.

Sure you can find a free video or two on specific tools in Lightroom…heck you can probably find videos on just about anything you’re looking for but then you’re on your own to figure out how one thing works with another.

This 5.5 hour tutorial takes a step by step approach to Lightroom and gives you insight as to how a true professional uses the program. The first two hours will help you unlock the magic of the program’s Library module so you’ll have an organized and searchable database of photographs. Never get lost again!

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Flash is the one tool that the average photographer really tends to shy away from. Maybe its the foreign menu on the back of the flash, the fact that we can’t see the light before the exposure, or perhaps its because we’ve seen a lot of bad flash photography. Washed out faces, harsh shadows in the background. These are just a couple of things that give flash photography a bad name.

But used correctly, Flash can help illuminate Or highlight overly dark subjects So they stand out and become the focus of our attention. Using an additional flash in the scene can make a snapshot look more like a professional portrait. It can be the main source of illumination, or simply take a dull subject and a add a breath of fresh air.

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This course will make you a better photographer. A much better photographer. How you ask? First a little history.

The Zone System was originally developed back in the 1940’s by Ansel Adams and Fred Archer as a way to take control over the whole image making process. It ensured predictable results from metering and exposure to developing and printing. The Zone System was a method for gaining complete control over the image making process.

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Join Tim Cooper as he teaches you how to get started using all of the control and power that comes with a DSLR. Although the modern digital camera is a complex tool, this 3.5 hour video explains exactly how the camera operates and teaches you all of the crucial controls to begin making great pictures!

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This video teaches you how to transform your photography! Your images will instantly become more powerful and engaging. In addition to teaching you the rules of composition, Tim shows you why the rules work, and when to break them!

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Join Tim Cooper as he explains  how to use Magic Light to make stunning and dynamic photographs of the natural world. This video begins with a study of the aspects of light that pertain to photographers, leads you in depth through on site and digital lab techniques, as well as shows you how to maximize the impact of your imagery. Plays on Windows and Mac.

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“I have purchased both the DVDs “Perfect Composition for Digital Photography” and “Perfect Exposure for Digital Photography”, and can’t tell you how many times I have watched and listened to them. They are the most comprehensive lectures one could ever find outside of a classroom.  He is a great teacher and photographer”. 

Denny H.D. • Jefferson City, MO

I have Perfect Composition, Perfect Exposure, and Magic Light. I really enjoy all three and watch them regularly. I like the way you present the material and use examples to high light the subject material you’re explaining. Your explanations are clear and through the use of examples they emphasize your teaching points. It is evident by your enthusiasm that you enjoying teaching and sharing your knowledge with others.

Brent W.

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