Demystifying Flash Photography




Demystifying Flash Photography

Flash is the one tool that the average photographer really tends to shy away from. Maybe its the foreign menu on the back of the flash, the fact that we can’t see the light before the exposure, or perhaps its because we’ve seen a lot of bad flash photography. Washed out faces, harsh shadows in the background. These are just a couple of things that give flash photography a bad name.

But used correctly, Flash can help illuminate Or highlight overly dark subjects So they stand out and become the focus of our attention. Using an additional flash in the scene can make a snapshot look more like a professional portrait. It can be the main source of illumination, or simply take a dull subject and a add a breath of fresh air.

There is only one thing that you have to bear in mind when dealing with this potent light source. FLASH is EASY. And this video will show you how and why. Here we’ll cover all the components of flash photography. From controlling the power and quality of the flash output to balancing your flash with the ambient light. We’ll cover light modification, flash triggers and accessories to make your life easier.

Flash is one of the main techniques that separate the pro from the amateur. And it’s easy. Wouldn’t you like to learn?

Chapters include:

1. Basic Flash Concepts
2. Controlling Ambient Exposure
3. Controlling Flash Exposure
4. Ambient Vs. Flash Exposure
5. Shutter Effects
6. Crafting the Light
7. Taking Your Flash off Camera
8. Head Zooming
9. Color of Light


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