Lightroom Training: Library and Develop


Sure you can find a free video or two on specific tools in Lightroom…heck you can probably find videos on just about anything you’re looking for but then you’re on your own to figure out how one thing works with another.

This 5.5 hour tutorial takes a step by step approach to Lightroom and gives you insight as to how a true professional uses the program. The first two hours will help you unlock the magic of the program’s Library module so you’ll have an organized and searchable database of photographs. Never get lost again!

The next 4 hours guides you through the detailed workflow involved in processing your RAW or JPEG images. Here, sequence matters and you’ll learn how one adjustment fits in with others so you’ll work efficiently when processing your images instead of spending hours moving sliders around to test the results.

Create stunning images using simple approaches or unlock the power of Lightroom to turn ordinary photos into masterpieces.

Chapters include:


1 Understanding Catalogs

2 Strategies for organizing your images

3 Creating your first Lightroom Catalog and setting preferences

4 Importing Images

5 Converting files to DNG

6 Lightroom Navigation

7 Keywording and labeling your images

8 Searching for and filtering your images

9 Using Collections

10 Viewing options

11 Exporting your images


1 Calibration

2 White Balance

3 Basic Panel: Tonal Adjustments

4 Basic Panel: Presence

5 Basic Panel: History and Snapshots

6 Using the Crop Tool

7 Red eye removal

8 Using the Spot Removal Tool

9 Mastering Curves

10 Using the HSL Panel

11 Creating powerful B&W images

12 Using Presets

13 Split Toning

14 Effects Panel

15 Understanding the Detail Panel

16 Lens Corrections

17 Local Adjustments: Radial Filter

18 Local Adjustments: Graduated Filter

19 Local Adjustments: Adjustment Brush

20 DeHaze Slider

21 Stitching Panoramas

22 Merging to HDR